Time For Change

By | September 12, 2014


WHAT’S NEXT? These can be two of the most powerful words to support us in taking positive action in our lives. Without asking this question it is all too easy to become stagnant in our lives. When we just allow life to guide us it is very easy to get off track and that is the time when we will experience painful or stressful situations. When we begin to ask the question of WHAT’S NEXT? it also lets us begin to look at what it is we want to do with our life, to look at what our purpose in life is and how we can begin to take the steps to achieve it.

 The Inner Journey into FREEDOM! is such an amazing opportunity that each of us can finally take advantage of in our lives once we have had enough of what our unconscious thoughts and programming have brought to us over the years. This is about taking control of the only thing we have true control over, our thoughts. We can all begin this process any time, once we finally realize that if we are ever going to live up to our potential and do what we know we are capable of, then we are going to have to do things dramatically different in our future.

Willingness is the Key

 We are going to have to become willing to tap into sources of knowledge and power we may have never considered before. We are going to have to open ourselves up to something that for many of us may be uncharted territories, our feelings and emotions. When we let ourselves be guided not from not just our thoughts, but also from our feelings and emotions we now can take our lives to new levels.

 Without this willingness to tap into new sources of knowledge and guidance we are doomed to continue to lead unfulfilled lives of quiet desperation. I ask of you here to take a chance, no, to a big risk and follow these steps with me and see what is possible for you. From “Beyond Faith…Into FREEDOM!”

Leave Lack and Limitation Behind

 I am sure I am far from alone in feeling my life will be so much more once I am finally able to escape from the various forms of lack and limitation that my life has become.

 The time has come to walk forth into these uncertain times which are now of our own creation. I look forward to stepping into this new life of prosperity and purpose with you.

 There are so many people in life who have been waiting for years to move from what their life has become and step into one that will fulfill their desires to be of service. Being able to Contribute to their communities in their own special ways is something we all would like to do more of. All it takes is to remove some of these self imposed limitations we have created for ourselves which no longer serve us.

 The Shift

 If you are ready to change a situation that has been hanging around you for some time, maybe even years then the quickest solution you will find is to shift your energy about the situation you are facing.

 With a shift in your energy you are opening yourself up to new solutions that you may not have even seen before. Take for instance my gambling problem, it was going on for years, but until I became willing to do something about it nothing changed, I just kept going through the cycle of my addiction.

 One night that changed and my answer came to me. The thing is I had already looked into Gamblers Anonymous months earlier, but I didn’t take action on it. Yet once I become willing to take action (energy shift) on my problem and sought help, everything changed (for the better) in my life.

 This same type of energy shift can also work against us unfortunately if we choose to dive into negativity instead. I see it over and over again, people who are taking positive action in their lives and making progress, yet when an unexpected challenge arose they reverted back to old thought patterns and actions that did not serve them either in their past of in the present circumstances either.

 I realize change is a challenge for many, however not as challenging as continuing to live a life of quiet desperation. Sure it will be uncomfortable at first, however the rewards of making life changes are so amazing for you, for your family and for your communities. Don’t give up on yourself; just keep taking the Next Steps forward in your life.

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