Time For Change

WHAT’S NEXT? These can be two of the most powerful words to support us in taking positive action in our lives. Without asking this question it is all too easy to become stagnant in our lives. When we just allow life to guide us it is very easy to get off track and that is… Read More »

Simple Spirituality

Life was meant to be simple and uncomplicated, yet it seems many of us take simple ideas and complicate them to the point of being unrecognizable of what the original form was. This is no different in terms of living a spiritual life. What does living a spiritual life mean to you? It can be… Read More »

Keep It Simple | Stick to Your Priorities

I don’t know about with you, but for me my mind has a hard time seeing something simple as also being important at the same time. Yet in many instances the simple can not only be important, it can make the difference between pain and unmanageability or living a happy and healthy life. I have… Read More »